The Connection Zone

May 7, 2021

Do you sometimes look at your child and think “I wish I could read your mind”, or are you left wondering how to deal with the disconnection? 

The good news is there is a way!

Humans are wired for connection and belonging. That’s particularly true for yourself and your child. It’s the most precious gift you can have together, but it can also be the most painful when you realise it’s missing.

At The Connection Zone, we believe that all any of us want is to love and be loved, and to be known, loved, and ‘got’ for who we truly are.

Wouldn’t it be lovely for you and your child to step into a space where you are safe to learn how your relationship works best, how to strengthen it and to ‘see’ each other in a whole new way?

We do that and a whole lot more! At The Connection Zone we provide a space for you and your child to step into unique opportunities that enable you to better understand each other and grow the trust and certainty in your relationship. Navigating through the teenage years (and indeed the pre-teens) can be a strange and challenging time for both of you and this event will help you work together to find a way over even the most challenging speed humps.

You will finish the camp understanding how to reach your child when they are struggling, to communicate with them even when they’re disconnected, and to hold the space for them while they struggle to make sense of themselves as young adults.

The Connection Zone is the perfect place for you and your child to discover a new way to go through the teenage years with increased understanding, compassion, and trust. Imagine the comfort of knowing that you can support your child to become capable to make their own safe decisions without you having to always be in the background to guide them and remind them what to do!

Even if your relationship is strong, it can always be further developed.

Even if you have a great relationship with your child, at some point that will be tested by the intrusion of technology, different understandings about respectful behaviour, a lack of accountability, a teenage style of communication (otherwise known as a grunt), the demands of an increasing social life… and so the challenges continue. The key to finding your way through these challenges with a sense of ease and flow is to build a strong foundation of understanding, a deep level of respect and a range of effective communication practices.

The Connections Zone offers you this. . . and more!

It also offers you the opportunity to share your parenting joys and challenges, without fear of judgement or ridicule, so that you can come to realise how well you’re actually already doing. One of the most powerful messages from parents who have previously participated in The Connection Zone is that it not only helped them better understand their child and the changes happening in the pre-teen and teenage years, but importantly it also allowed them to stop asking themselves the question “am I doing a good enough job and am I giving my child the very best?”.

Let’s face it, we tend to judge ourselves much more harshly than anyone else judges us. So, it can be incredibly empowering to discover that you’re doing a good job and that you’re not alone with the challenges you are facing. This program will not only connect you with professional, experienced facilitators (who have ‘been there and done that’ as parents themselves), it will also provide you with a network of other parents who, like YOU, are committed to raising incredible kids and enjoying the journey in the very important role of parent.

Don’t wait for another argument about mobile phones or eye rolls to derail you. Instead, get along to The Connection Zone and learn to avoid the arguments and celebrate your successes.

We invite you to

The Connection Zone!

Details Of Our Next Event

This event is for a parent and one child aged 9 to 17

Date: Friday 13th August 6:00pm Registration to Sunday 15th August 3:00pm

Venue: The Collaroy Centre, 22 Homestead Ave, Collaroy NSW 2097

Investment: GSCA Special Price $1,497 per pair (full price $1,997)

What else are parents saying?

The Connection Zone was very powerful and the content was delivered in a way that made it possible to be heard by both parents and children. It was very, very valuable and bang on!” (Jacqui and son 17)

I was a bit nervous about coming, but there’s been nothing here but love for both me and my boy. I think the biggest change for us is that we now really understand each other and feel like we can work together to work through anything that comes our way.” (Ben and son 14)

Hear what some of the young people have to say about The Connection Zone!

If you would like to talk to us and make sure this programme is right for you, please call us on 03) 90169575 or email for more information.

*Please note: the registration fee covers all accommodation, food and program costs.