Green SuperCamp Australia’s PowerUP

July 16, 2020

Wow, what a strange year it has been and it’s not over yet.  Lockdowns, isolation, schooling online, stuck in the house together, no toilet paper, constant and rapid change, parenting and teaching while you try to work from home……’s all been pretty full on.

And, the next school holidays will come around quickly and you’ll be left asking yourself “what do I do with the kids so they enjoy their break, have some fun….. and I get a few days to myself?”  Or, maybe you’re asking yourself, “how can I support the kids through this when I’m feeling frazzled myself and I have no clue what the ‘new normal’ will look like?”.



Green SuperCamp® Australia (GSCA) has been running programmes and camps for over 9 years, providing personal leadership, academic acceleration, environmental awareness, and social contribution programmes for young people aged 10 to 18 from all over Australia and around the world.  Whilst Covid 19 has made it impossible for us to run our camps this year, we are super enthusiastic about offering our online GSCA PowerUP programme in the upcoming September school holidays.

We may not be able to be together in person,

but we can personally commit to being together!

 This is an awesome opportunity for your children, or children you love and support, to join us for a 3-day journey filled with fun, sharing, learning, and crazy activities that will help them recover their sense of certainty about who they are and refocus them toward looking for the good in themselves, those around them and the world.

PowerUP is a leadership development program that will introduce your child to some of the key concepts from our GSCA programs and help them recover from the uncertainty of the Covid struggle and inspire them to tap into their inspiration and finish the year feeling positive and empowered.

Here’s the details, so you can pop it straight into the calendar: 

Dates: Tuesday 29th of September – Thursday 1st October 2020

Times: Tuesday 10-4pm, Wednesday 10-2:30pm, Thursday 10-4pm AEST

Ages: 8-18 years*

Where: Online Zoom platform – accessible in your own home!

 (*We are running a Junior and Senior programme concurrently and younger children can join too if they have older siblings participating)

We can’t bring your children into our room, so we’ll bring our team to yours!



So, what can you expect from the 3-day PowerUP programme?


While there will be all sorts of creative, inspiring and fun things covered, you can certainly expect your children to explore the following things;

  • Recognize and Deal with Stress – Learn how to identify the signs of stress and respond early, before it starts disrupting sleep, causing withdrawal from other people, pulling young people into a technology hole, or causing children to get grumpy with the people they love. When things are challenging, it’s easier to respond positively when young people are well rested and feeling strong.
  • Personal Strengths and Skills – Insight into what makes each young person unique and what gifts and strengths they have to share with the world is essential for every child. It can be a challenge for young people to know their strengths at the best of times, but particularly in the context of so much change and disruption.
  • Building an Awesome Life – Explore things necessary to set them up for success – at home, at school and in life. They will learn the key things that will help overcome the challenges of 2020 and go forward to being the best version of themselves possible. Young people can excel when they know the keys to developing their own strengths and areas of excellence.
  • Positive Relationships and Communication – Learn how to talk about what’s going on and express feelings in a positive manner.  Discover new tools to make friends, communicate clearly, resolve conflicts with family and friends, listen without judgement, and even raise challenging issues in a way that strengthens relationships, rather than damaging them. Young people will also learn the MOST POWERFUL question in the world.    
  • Leadership Your Way – Discover the benefits of moving outside their comfort zone, applying new communication and interpersonal skills, and understand what makes each young person their own great leader so they can turn the challenges into positive learning. These leadership techniques can be applied at school and in other aspects of life, from friendship groups to sporting to clubs, and they’ll have these techniques for life.

  • Creativity and innovation – Gain insights into different ways to foster creativity, express themselves, and think outside the box so young people can find the positives in even the most challenging situations and build resilience, confidence, and grit. Young people thrive when they feel they can express themselves and be heard, seen and “got” for who they truly are. 
  • Goal Setting and School Success – Learn simple and powerful ways to set goals that work, remember things more easily, take the best out of every class  to support each young person’s success (even when they’re delivered on-line), and find the opportunity and benefits of the Covid disruption to their education.  Every situation has inherent opportunities and these strategies will empower young people to learn a raft of life-skills, rather than just academic ones.
  • Knowing Your Values – Complete the Values Exploration process so young people know their own core values and why values are important to living life in flow. We all want to teach our children the values that matter to us, but it’s also essential we know THEIR values and how to engage them in alignment with these, so they achieve their best results and we can increase understanding and minimise conflict.
  • Masculine and Feminine – Explore the damaging social definitions and unwritten rules about what it means to be a young man or woman and be a part of re-writing new rules that allow each unique young person to discover and be the best version of themselves they can. Understanding and dismissing the negative impacts of media, marketing, social media, and the dominant discourse around “beauty” and “masculinity” will allow your children to find their own sense of self and respect for their physical being.
  • Adventure is Good for the Soul – Day two will introduce participants to a range of “self-directed” adventure activities, making the most of things in and around the home, so they know how to take a break that’s good for their brain, body and soul. Learning to “live in the moment” is a great way to increase young people’s sense of joy and fulfilment.  Children know that we don’t stop playing when we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!



This programme will be facilitated by our incredibly well trained and very experienced GSCA Facilitators, as well as a number of special guests that bring unique and wonderful elements to the programme.  Look at these faces……they even LOOK clever, and best of all, they’re young too, so they know how to relate to your children in a positive and engaging manner.



Life is busy, so the last thing you want is to have to read pages and pages of information about what’s on offer. So, we’re keeping it brief and to the point. 

Now you want to know the price right?


Well, that’s the BEST NEWS OF ALL, because we know it’s been a tough year and we have made this programme totally accessible to everyone at just $97.

WHAT………YES, $97….and that’s for the whole FAMILY,

no matter how many children you have!



You probably feel like this is a “no-brainer” and you just want to jump onto registration and then forward this to others you know and care about (which will make them LOVE YOU even more, so please do that!).  So, click the button below and sit back and relax, knowing you are making a wonderful difference to your children in a year that’s been less than kind to most of us!


Book your ticket now to secure a spot at PowerUP!

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Your children may not be enthusiastic now when you tell them that you’ve registered them…
But we guarantee that they will love you for it by the end of PowerUP!

If you’d like to speak to a real human being and find out more, our lovely team are at the ready and we’d love to explore the unique and specific needs of your family or children, so please contact us on the details below;


Phone:  03 9016 9575